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Guy Davis: New York, N.Y., USA

Guy Davis has spent his musical life carrying his message of the blues around the world, from the Equator to the Arctic Circle, earning him the title “An Ambassador of the Blues”. When Guy Davis plays the blues, he doesn’t want you to notice how much art is involved. “It takes work making a song that’s simple, and playful, and easy to do,” he says. “And I don’t want people to see that. I want some little eight-year-old kid in the front row to have big eyes and say, ‘Hey, I want to do that!’.”

Kat Danser: Edmonton, Alberta

Kat Danser’s music is a steel belted radial easily existing betweena dusty gravel road and a fresh coat of asphalt. True to her Polish-Gypsy heritage, Danser is in perpetual motion and her swampy roots and blues style is a fine-tuned reflection of life lessons from the road.

Darlene Shatford & Curtis Abriel: Prince George, BC